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Becky from Manchester, NH

It is now 5 and a half months later and I have lost 65.25 inches and 72lbs. I am able to run 5 miles in 65 minutes; a time I will definitely be improving over the next few months. I am also off my anxiety medication. I have so much energy and my confidence has skyrocketed! My journey with Inner-Fit isn't over yet, but I wanted to say a huge thank-you to Aaron of Inner-Fit (and to Jill) for believing in me and helping me reach my goals. Next goal: complete a triathalon!
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Jill - Mother of 2, Working Mom from Manchester, NH

I could not believe the results! As of my last measurement, which was 15 weeks into my time with Aaron and InnerFit, my body fat measurements had dropped from 37% to 19% body fat and I had lost a total of 18.25" and 13lbs. To drop from 37% to 19% -- I nearly cut my body fat in half!
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Susan from Merrimack, NH

I now have limitless energy, better balance and flexibility, and muscles I never thought I could have. I eat better, because I know he will call and ask, and I have the confidence to walk into the gym and lift weights....facing a mirror!
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Call 603-998-1110 or email about NH Personal TrainingDeb

My original goals have been met and then some - I have gained muscle mass and lost about 8% body fat. My endurance, flexibility and balance have improved and he has helped me with my eating habits as well. More importantly, the workouts are different every time and we have fun! Read the entire testimony...

Kate - Full Time Working Mom

I regret not contacting Innerfit sooner. Like many full time working moms, I did not put myself as a priority and my health suffered for it. Having an Innerfit trainer come to my home, provide all the exercise equipment, exercise and nutritional guidelines, has been the key to my success.
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Trish - Mother ~ Daughter Team

I was a little nervous about having someone come to my house. However, after meeting with Aaron I instantly had a positive feeling about him. Moving through the evaluation I knew that I was dealing with an upright individual: educated, focused and professional.
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